Blog Marketing

Business blog marketing is hot, and at Inopixel, we will help you find the best Internet blog marketing strategy for your company. We will determine how a business blog can best complement your integrated online communications goals, and then we will guide you through the intricacies of the blogosphere. Inopixel offers a full range of blog consulting and marketing services for businesses. We combine an intimate knowledge of search engine optimization, public relations with proven blog marketing experience to help our clients implement a successful blogging strategy.

What is Blogging?

Earlier we used to read “Blog as a web-based journa, a personal website” but blogs aren’t just for personal sites. The phenomenon is now so widespread that there are several new definitions for blogs. Actually blog is not really journalism. It is more about sharing and managing information.

A blog is known as a journal, a diary, a tool for publication, A tool for marketing, a source of information and research and many more…

Blogging is a first generation tool built on, and taking advantage of, the unique attributes of the Internet. This has grown up as the new model of interactive journalism, communication, and learning.
Sites of all kinds can employ blogs to keep visitors informed and up to date. Learn what a blog can do for your site, and see the best tools for creating and maintaining them.

Uses of Blogging

Uses of blogging are numerous (which explains its rapid growth!). We can use Blogs for communication, learning, knowledge management, interactive journalism, etc.) And this tool is adopted by various industries – notably entertainment, health care, government.

Blogs a source of research: We can use them as a source of information for research. Blogs are great tools for use in education. Whether used as student journals, bulletin boards, administrative tools, or sources of research, the blog’s offers a number of functions which educators find appealing.

Blogs for publication: The blog has made it easier for anyone to publish almost anything via the Internet. A simple application in business would have employees to publish their writing journals for everyone in the office to read, and All employees might even be able to respond directly to a colleague blog, giving them some feedback on their suggestions and strategies.

Blog as a shared point: A blog can be made public or private and entries into a blog can be organized in such a way that confidential entries can be made password protected. Some corporations are supporting the practice of blogging among employees to provide an outlet for creativity, opinion, dialog, as well as propaganda. Various Tools like Blogware, Blogger, Typepad, Moveable Type offers the Pro or premium versions that includes functionality beyond the basic ability of posting new entries to a journal.

Public Feedback through Blog:
The millions of blogs are becoming more accessible via RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds, RSS aggregators and RSS search engines like Feedster and Technorati. With RSS feeds and trackers, a company can keep track of what the influential, blog-enabled world is saying about its product and services or about a competitor. RSS aggregators and search engines offer trackers, or watch lists, which are custom queries updated on a regular basis.

At Inopixel, we have team of experts who specifically works on Maintaining and publishing the blogs.
Key Blog Consulting and Marketing Tasks

  • Consult on blog strategy
  • Establish top level messaging – This message will be used in the Title tag, Meta tags, On page title, internal linking and external linking
  • Select and setup blogging software and hosting service
  • Setup blog template, preferences, categorization
  • Identify source content for blog postings and provide blog system training to company staff
  • Automate notification of blog/RSS search engines and news aggregation sites of updates to the blog
  • Optimize blog for search engines – Modify blog template for search engine friendliness and keyword relevance
  • Implement web site visitor statistics program for tracking blog visitor activity
  • Establish RSS subscriber tracking metrics
  • Initiate blog linking and blog search engine directory submission campaign – Contact other blogs for links
  • Submit blog to major blog directories and traditional search engine directories.
  • Make RSS feed of blog available for syndication – Submit blog RSS feed to RSS search engines and news aggregator directories
  • Some paid directory submissions or paid sponsorship opportunities may be worth considering. These will be presented on a case by case basis.
  • Provide monthly reporting on blog visibility and usage along with ongoing support and technical assistance