Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or Positioning, is by far the best, smartest and most affordable investment you can make in your Internet presence.

Search engine optimization, sometimes called web site optimization, search engine placement or search engine positioning, is the process of improving a website for higher search engine rankings. It’s the first step in achieving higher search engine rankings. We have helped companies with a wide range of Internet marketing needs, from basic search engine registration to large scale search engine optimization and marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization, Link Popularity Building, Keyword Research Analysis, Search Engine Crawler Friendliness Analysis, Title & Meta Tags Optimization, Anchor Text Optimization and Search Engine Copywriting are just some of the methods utilized to improve a website’s search engine placement. These Search Engine Optimization methods leverage knowledge gained from a scientific understanding of the inner workings of search engines and a thorough analysis of trends in the constantly evolving field of Search Engine Optimization.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Search engines generate nearly 90% of Internet traffic and are responsible for 55% of e-commerce transactions. Search Engine Promotion has shown to deliver the highest ROI, compared to any other type of marketing, both online and offline. Search engines bring motivated buyers to you and hence contribute to increased sales conversions.

Search Engine Optimization offers an affordable entry point for marketing your website and an effective way to promote your business online. SEO makes for a long-term solution, is your access to sustained free traffic and a source of building brand name and company reputation.
Our Search Engine Optimization Program

Our SEO program is a powerful and thoroughly researched solution. All our Search Engine Optimization projects are personally handled by industry renowned SEO experts. The websites are analyzed and deep optimized by trained website analysts. We carry out extensive site and keyword analysis and use researched, search engine friendly and proven techniques to optimize the websites.

Defined briefly below, are the systematic phase-wise steps we follow to address the requirements of a website for Search Engine Optimization:

Phase 1: Research and Analysis: Spanning approximately 2 weeks, Phase 1 includes the following deliverables:
Ranking Capacity and Beta Submission Report and Submission report.
Search Engine Friendliness Analysis & Recommendations.
Keyword Research, Analysis and Recommendations.
Content Feedback & Recommendations.
Pre-optimization Ranking Report.

Phase 2: Implementation Documents: Formulation of implementation documents for each web page to be optimized. Duration of phase 2 would depend on the total number of pages to be optimized and can range between 1 to 2 weeks.

Phase 3: Implementation and QC: This phase involves creation of different tags, content revisions, page additions, navigation enhancements, etc. The optimized site is tested on a demo location and any discrepancies are taken care of here by our Quality Control Team.

Phase 4: Final Reports: Generation of the Project Completion and Final Ranking Report on the top 17 search engines.

Throughout each step, the SEO team follows a predefined protocol to ensure that your inputs and feedback are taken and incorporated, wherever possible.